Goetze Mechanical Face Seals

Mechanical Face Seals

Goetze Mechanical Face Seals

High-Precision Heavy-Duty Seals with High-Performance Elastomer O-Rings

ESP’s Mechanical Face Seals are specifically engineered for rotating applications in extremely arduous environments where they withstand severe wear and prevent the ingress of harsh and abrasive external media.

The high cost of equipment downtime requires the best available seal. ESP’s Mechanical Face Seals provide superior performance in extreme applications where positive lubricant retention and the ability to keep out damaging and/or abrasive materials are essential.

This level of durability has become a choice of OEM earth-moving equipment and machinery.

 Goetze Industries


Adapter Ring


A deep-drawn sheet ring encased in oi-resistant elastomer material with static sealing and torque transmission guaranteed by an outer wave-profile of elastomer. Adapter rings facilitate quick repairs eliminating the need to re-machine the housing.

O-Ring Face Seal  O-RING FACE SEAL

Two symmetrically tapered seal rings and two o-rings compressed between the tapered surfaces of the housing.


Asymmetric Face Seal


Special designs including seal rings can be designed specifically for applications with extreme mud impact.

Square Bore


Two metallic angular seal rings with identical geometrical contours assembled with trapezoid elastomer parts positioned against the housing bore. Requires slightly less axial space than standard designs.

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Goetze Materials

GOETZE mechanical face seals are found wherever the going gets really tough: they seal wheel hubs and axles, support and guide roller bearings of tracked vehicles, transmissions, and many more axial connections in heavy technical equipment such as construction machinery, conveyors, mining machinery, concrete and cement mixers, tunnel boring, and agricultural equipment. The portfolio of designs and advanced materials cover applications which include some of the largest equipment around the world: with a diameter of up to 1,425 mm.

Metallic Material Innovations

Chilled Cast Iron (Duronit V)

  • Very hard, resists abrasive wear & corrosion
  • Even under extreme operating conditions, Duronit V demonstrates excellent resistance to micro-welding & material transfer

Patented Coronit

  • A ledeburite microstructure with free graphite
  • The free graphite improves the material’s thermal conductivity, helping to dissipate heat in order to prevent a thermal degradation of the oil film
  • At a hardness of 47 to 57 HRC, Coronit resists fretting & scoring
  • Facilitates peripheral speeds up to 10 m/s due to its excellent thermal & tribological properties

High-Performance Elastomeric Materials

NBR – standard

HNBR – higher temperatures

FPM – extends the maximum temperature while offering excellent oil compatibility

VMQ – covers temperature in both hot and cold extremes

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