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Have questions about a specific product, service, market? Use our literature archive to find detailed information across multiple suppliers. Reference materials include links to catalogs, hand books, brochures, and videos.

Literature Archive

ESP International

ESP General (Brochure – 924 KB)



ESP Seals (Brochure – 1.93 MB)

For over 40 years, ESP has been providing quality seals and sealing solutions for the OEM market. Whatever your sealing needs, from o-rings to oil seals to gaskets to custom applications, ESP is your one source to meet your critical seal requirements.

ESP MAD Pivot Joint Seal (Brochure – 3.38 MB)

ESP innovative seal design for construction and agriculture pivot joints. Prevents contamination ingression up to 50 times longer than o-ring pivot seals.

ESP KSL Series Seals (Brochure – 438 KB)

ESP innovative seal series solution for tough dirt ingression into implement hubs. “Sealed for Life” non-purgeable options for no grease maintenance. Proven performance versus traditional seals with extended life up to a factor of three.

ESP / GOETZE Mechanical Face Seals (Brochure – 3.84 MB)

GOETZE face seals are found wherever the going gets really tough: they seal wheel hubs and axles, support and guide roller bearings of tracked vehicles, transmissions, and many more axial connections in heavy technical equipment such as construction machinery, conveyors, mining machinery, concrete and cement mixers, tunnel boring, and agricultural equipment.

ESP Custom Molded Rubber 

ESP HS Series (Brochure – 512 KB)

ESP’s HS Series provides high quality, cost effective silicone to meet the challenges of increased compartmental temperature of off road and heavy duty diesel markets.


ESP Solutions (Brochure –  5.23 MB) 

ESP provides engineered solutions that: reduce capital requirements, reduce suppliers, improve quality, increase productivity, manage global programs.

ESP Assembly (Video – 2:49)

This short video walks you through the capabilities of our semi- or fully-automated assembly capabilities. Including end-of-process testing, torque verifications, traceability, and error proof poka yoke stations.

ESP Vendor Managment Inventory (Video – 5:44)

ESP’s inventory management programs are designed to reduce your inventory, consolidate vendors, reduce transaction costs, and keep shelves stocked with current product.  A good VMI program is not one size fits all. ESP understands, stays flexible and works with the customer to implement the most efficient, custom solution.

ESP Fabrication & Gaskets (Brochure – 443 KB)

ESP has over 40 years of experience in the gasket and fabrication market. Along the way, we’ve learned a lot from listening to customers, understanding their needs and then delivering solutions through our state-of-the-art engineering process. We can provide both products and services to meet any application and exceed their competitive needs.


Parker Hannifin


Parker O-Ring (Handbook – 9 MB)

The Parker O-Ring Handbook has everything you need to know about o-ring design, material information, and troubleshooting.

Parker X-Ring (Brochure – 172 KB)

Parker X-rings, also referred to in the industry as Quad-Rings, are characterized by a four lipped symmetric profile. They provide an alternative sealing option for use in dynamic applications.

Parker VX065-75 Extreme Low Temp FKM (Brochure – 187 KB)

Facing the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry, Parker VX065-75 FKM delivers the extreme low-temperature performance needed at high altitudes and during engine startup.

Parker VX165-90 Extreme Low Temp FKM (Brochure -205 KB)

Facing the demanding requirements of the Oil and Gas industry, Parker VX165-90 FKM delivers not only extreme low-temperature performance needed in arctic environments but also great high-temperature stability and low compressions set values.

Parker VG109-90 Low Temp FKM (Brochure – 104 KB)

Parker’s newest cutting edge FKM material, VG109-90, is formulated for services requiring low-temperature rapid gas decompression (RGD) and excellent compression set resistance.

Parker FF400-80 Low Temp Ultra (Brochure – 98 KB)

To meet the new series of challenges for seal materials in the Oil and Gas industry, Parker development the FF400-80 Low Temp Ultra.

Parker VM125-75 Aerospace Applications (Brochure – 163 KB)

Parker’s VM125-75 has the chemical resistance, high-temperature compression set resistance and low-temperature flexibility to meet the increasing demands of the aerospace industry.

Parker FF302-75 Semiconductor Applications (Brochure – 296 KB)

Parker FF302 is a uniquely formulated perfluoro-elastomer that provides the ideal solution for high-end deposition application where wafer yield is critical.

Parker Ultra & HiFluor FFKM Spliced O-rings (Brochure – 151 KB)

Through a proprietary splicing process, Parker is now able to offer most ULTRA and HiFluor materials in any size.

Parker O-ring Coatings (Brochure – 1.5 MB)

Parker offers a variety of o-ring surface treatments. External treatments can be in the form of dry or wet coatings or dips. Surface treatments are used for numerous reasons, the most common are friction reduction, ease of installation and contrasting color (for easier identification).

Parker FF156-75 (Brochure – (301 KB)

Parker’s ULTRA FF156 extends seal life with excellent chemical resistance and high-temperature stability. FF156 can withstand exposure to the most aggressive environments across a wide range of industries.


Fluid Power

Parker Fluid Power Seal (Design Guide – 16.68 MB)

Parker’s Fluid Power Seal Design Guide offers seal package recommendations for a variety of fluid power applications, as well as part number listing of available “Preferred Profiles,” easy lookup tables and more.

Parker Rotary Seal (Design Guide -13.33 MB)

Parker’s Rotary Seal Design Guide features complete seal selection for rotating shaft applications: Clipper oil seals, slingers, ProTech bearing isolators, spring-energized PTFE lips seals (FlexiSeal), high-speed FlexiCase and FlexiLip, elastomeric Vee seals, wear sleeves, shaft repair sleeves.

Parker PTFE Lip Seal (Design Guide – 8.93 MB)

Parker’s PTFE Lip Seal Design Guide is a helpful tool for PTFE seal selection for hardware design, seal configuration and material specification options for a wide range of standard and complex applications.

Parker Sealing Solutions for Fluid Power Applications (Brochure – 16.68 MB)

General brochure highlighting seals and materials for heavy-duty applications – including hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, pump/motor applications, and valve applications.

Parker Resilon Polyurethane 4350 (Brochure – 6.82 MB)

Parker’s new Resilon 4350 material increases the high temperature operating window for seals for continuous use in many applications and can withstand brief excursions up to 300F without leakage.

Parker Zero Leak Rod Seals – Resilon (Brochure – 1.25 MB)

The characteristics of Parker’s patented Resilon polyurethane material – with an extended temperature range, wear resistance, compression set resistance, and toughness – make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Parker WPT/WRT Series Wear Rings (Brochure – 653 KB)

Parker’s tight tolerance WPT and WRT Series wear rings offer an internally lubricated surface, precision tolerances and best in class compressive modulus in a wear ring configuration that withstands deflection, reduces tolerance stack-up and maximizes resistance to side load.




Parker Sealing & Shielding Capabilities (Brochure – 3.5 MB)

Sealing & Shielding Capabilities Guide highlights Parker’s range of engineered sealing solutions including; composite seals, custom molded seals, extruded products, metal seals, o-rings, packings, PTFE seals, rotary shaft seals, specialty rubber products, EMI shielding and thermal management.

*Parker has consolidated Divisions, contact ESP for specific Parker Division information.

Parker Gask-O-Seal & Integral Seal (Design Handbook – 2 MB)

This design guide provides information on static seal types, material selection, finish and operating system considerations and selection criteria. Detailed information is provided on Gask-O-Seal and Integral Seal design criteria, considerations and configuration options.

Parker Fabric Reinforced Products (Brochure – 327 KB)

Parker’s fabric reinforced products offer extreme tensile strength, pliability, and fire resistance in a low cost durable elastomeric fabric composite. Reinforcing an elastomer with fabric increases the durability and longevity of a part along with added flame and abrasion resistance.

Parker Fastener & Fitting Seals (Brochure – 1 MB)

Stat-O-Seals™, typically used for sealing under the heads of bolts and similar fasteners. ThredSeals™, for sealing around the thread roots of any threaded fastener. Lock-O-Seals™, for sealing tube fitting bosses.




Freudenberg Aerospace (Brochure – 4 MB)

The continuous quest for faster, safer, more efficient air travel demands ongoing innovation. The industry continues to strive for improved performance, reduced environmental impact, operational efficiency, and reductions in weight and cost.

Freudenberg Agriculture (Brochure – 4 MB)

Agricultural equipment is operated in extremely harsh conditions. Freudenberg offers a wide range of sealing solutions such as cassette technology and multi-lip Simmerrings that withstand intense exposure to dirt and aggressive media.

Freudenberg Construction (Brochure – 6 MB)

Construction and mining machines operate in the most diverse, challenging, and demanding environments around. Freudenberg offers industry-leading solutions.

Freudenberg Fluid Power (Brochure – 4 MB)

Freudenberg knows the harsh environments that test your hydraulic projects, which is why we’ve developed sealing designs with materials like special PTFE and polyurethane compounds that set new industry standards.

Freudenberg Fluid Handling (Brochure – 6 MB)

Where there’s liquid, there are pumps and valves. And where there are pumps and valves, there are seals from Freudenberg’s offering.

Freudenberg Recreational (Brochure – 3 MB)

Higher efficiency. Reliability. Low emissions. In the Recreational market, the “Mega Trends” are global in scope, driven not only by consumer preference but by legislation as well.


Freudenberg Fluid Power (Catalog – 9 MB)

Freudenberg’s fluid power catalog contains seal designs and knowledge for the harsh environments that test your hydraulic projects.

Freudenberg Simmerring & Rotary Seals (Catalog – 12 MB)

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers a comprehensive selection of products suited to a variety of requirements. The range is further expanded by creating combinations with other components and additional functions.

Freudenberg Blue Seals (Brochure – 547 KB)

Freudenberg’s BlueSeal is one design suited for future engine dynamic sealing. This patented radial shaft seal technology offers weight savings of 40 percent compared to a conventional seal, and it requires only half as much installation space.


Freudenberg Bonded Gaskets (Brochure – 1 MB)

In applications without a groove, Freudenberg produces a gasket with an elastomeric sealing bead bonded to the edge of a flat metal carrier frame.

Freudenberg Embossed Gaskets (Brochure – 682 KB)

Embossments localize available loading to a point-line contact stress seal compared to previous generation sealing products area seal methods.

Freudenberg Curved Gaskets (Brochure – 1 MB)

The patented Curve Gasket supports the trend of new powertrain modules with a focus on lightweight design. With greater stability, lower reaction forces and wider compression ranges, the Curve Gasket helps minimize the amount of structural plastic required in engine covers.


Black Hawk

Black Hawk Profiles & Materials (Brochure – 294 KB)

Black Hawk RU1 Rod Seal (Brochure  – 867 KB)

Black Hawk PC Piston Seal (Brochure – 1 MB)

Black Hawk HS Static Seal (Brochure – 911 KB)

Black Hawk D Rod Wiper (Brochure – 917 KB)


Thermoseal ML-N102 (Brochure – 423 KB)

Thermoseal ML-N562 (Brochure – 467 KB)

Thermoseal RG-N120 (Brochure – 415 KB)

Thermoseal Klingersil (Brochure – 170 KB)


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